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Hints & Clues to Help You Find Forrest Fenn’s Treasure!


‘As I have gone alone in there’

The very first line in the poem.  So, it has to be important, right?  Right???

Well, almost no one thinks so.  Of course, these are the exact same people who haven’t found diddly-squat after 5 years of searching…

Personally, I think there’s an important clue in every single line.  Forrest worked on the poem for more than a decade, if an entire line was pointless, it probably wouldn’t still be in the poem.

But, what kind of clues could possibly be in ‘as I have gone alone in there’?

And, why on Earth do I need my treasures bold?

Well, the first line sets up the poetic meter of the poem (8 syllables) - which gets broken immediately in Lines 2 and 3.

The line is set in the past tense, and tells us we are supposed to do something just ‘as’ Forrest had done it.

Alone sticks out like a sore-thumb.  So, we are almost surely looking for a location that satisfies ‘alone’.  So, a Solitary Geyser or a Lone Indian Peak would fit the bill.

Also, the first (and really only) thing you see as you enter Yellowstone National Park from the Northern Entrance, is a lone, solitary, near-extinct, hot-spring cone (where warm waters halt).

Some time in the middle of 2010, wealthy author/collector/archaeologist Forrest Fenn hid a medieval chest filled with gold coins and other valuable artefacts somewhere in the Rocky Mountains for anyone to go and retrieve.  He wrote a book called ‘The Thrill of the Chase’, in which he hid clues to help people find the treasure.

Inside the book is a poem which secretly encodes the whereabouts of this treasure chest.  If you can solve the puzzle, you can go and collect hundreds of thousands of dollars (if not well over a million) right now!

But, hold your horses!  It’s not that easy.  Thousands upon thousands of people have tried - with absolutely no luck whatsoever!

Fortunately for you, we’re here to help guide you right to Fenn’s gold!

Solitary Lake is at the end of a canyon (down), Mt. Meek is on the same trail (Mt. Meek Pass), right after Mt. Meek is Death Canyon Shelf, Thunder Basin is below on the trail in one direction, followed by Death Canyon.  Amphitheather Lake (listen all and hear me good) is nearby.

Solitary Geyser by Old Faithful in Yellowstone National Park

Any Mountain, River, Stream, Creek, geologic feature, etc...  Named:

Native Indian names meaning any of the above (especially translations meaning ‘to go somewhere alone’ or ‘to go in there alone’).

The first stanza has very odd punctuation, so it’s worth taking a moment to parse the entire sentence:

As I have [A] and [B], I can [C], and [D].

Where A is ‘gone alone in there’, B is ‘with my treasures bold’, etc…

Lonesomehurst is near West Yellowstone

Possible Interpretations:

Forrest Fenn’s secret bathing spot as a kid was where a hot spring met the firehole river (hot water met cold).  Lone Spring nearby (alone).  Fenn's Rainbow (Paintpots right there, also Grand Prismatic Spring).  Blaze (Hot Lake).

Firehole Canyon Road is in-between the secret watering hole (Ojo Caliente Spring) and Norris Basin...

A lone promontory or other feature which ‘sticks out’ from its surroundings.

Could be a clue referencing a story in the book where Forrest ‘goes alone’.

Other Ideas...:

Alone appears to be important.  

Other than that, it’s your guess.  Bold might be important.  Perhaps keep or hint as well.  Very little to go on here.

Until the quest is over and the treasure is found, we’re going to go with:

The unclaimed treasure will be somewhere nearby a natural feature with a name that means solitary or alone.  And, it also likely describes the journey from the final location to the treasure (and, as such, won’t make sense until you’re actually there in-person).

The Verdict:

Forrest Fenn's treasure map is loading...
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