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Hints & Clues to Help You Find Forrest Fenn’s Treasure!


For years, people have been speculating that the Lamar Ranger Station is the ‘house of Brown.’  Probably because there was a Ranger Brown who lived there.  So, should we lend any credence to this theory?…

Yes and no.

On the surface, it seems to fit better than almost anyplace else.  

As you enter Yellowstone from the north, the first thing you see is Soda Butte Creek.

The name "Soda Butte" comes from a large, and largely dormant, hot spring cone that sits right next to the highway where Soda Butte Creek opens up into the Lamar Valley.”

Is Soda Butte our ‘alone’ & ‘warm waters’?

Is Ranger Brown’s old house the Home of Brown?

So, if the clues describe a road-map or sign-posts to the treasure, a ‘lone’ near-dormant hot spring is a good fit for ‘where warm waters halt’.  

If you were describing a trip starting at the entrance to Yellowstone, Soda Butte would be the place.  Then, right after it is a long canyon down (can’t seem to find a name for this canyon online, but it terminates at Ice Box Canyon - an ice box is definitely where warm waters halt - as is Highway 212, the road you take, as 212 degrees is the boiling-point of water and the temperature at which warm water turns into steam).  

After about 10 miles, the first human habitation comes into view, the Lamar Ranger Station!  And, the entire place is deep brown in color!

Continuing on…

‘From there it’s no place for the meek’ could mean Slough Creek:

Slough:  a swamp, a lack of progress, a state of moral degradation or spiritual dejection

Meek - mild, submissive, humble, modest, Joseph Meek, Stephen Meek, having or showing a quiet and gentle nature

A slough is not somewhere meek people would want to go.

The very next thing you come to is the end of the road (the end is ever drawing nigh), the highway literally ends here (at Tower Junction - a castle’s central tower is a ‘keep’), but a highway never actually ends, it’s always (ever) ending.  

We can go either right or left onto the Grand Loop Road.  Does Forrest give us a hint as to which way?

Well, nigh actually means ‘on the left’.  And, if we go left, the first major feature is Devil’s Den (no place for the meek) and much further down the road is the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone (new riches) and then Old Faithful (old riches).  Also, left would be clockwise.

So, I take it we go left.  What’s the first thing we come across if we do?  Tower Creek.  Which fits the next line perfectly (there’ll be no paddle up your creek), seeing as we can’t go up it - it’s a waterfall (water high)!

But, before we reach the falls, we have to drive right under Overhanging Cliff (a rather heavy load)!  Heavy loads and water high - are Overhanging Cliff and Tower Falls!  Not even 10 yards from each other.

So, now we’re just looking for a blaze…  There’s a giant blaze of white rock at Antelope Creek.

But, then the trail goes cold...

Possible Interpretations:

The Thunderer and Amphitheatre Creek/Mountain and Cache Creek and Ice Box Canyon all in very close proximity.

Amethyst Creek, Cache Creek (treasure).

Druid Peak (no place for the meek?)

Fossil Forest (in the wood?)

Lamar Canyon is famous for large boulders (heavy loads?)

Carnelian Creek (carnelian is a brown precious stone)

Devil’s Den (no place for the meek and the end is ever drawing nigh)

Death Gulch (ditto), Wahb Springs, Death of a Grizzly

Rose Creek

Specimen Ridge

Other Ideas:

This is one of the Top 3 Forrest Fenn treasure theories we’ve heard so far.  Just way too much seems to fit with the Lamar Ranger Station being the Home of Brown.  Just way too much.  

Plus, add in the fact that the poem seems to perfectly describe the drive in from the North Entrance of Yellowstone - and it just can’t be a coincidence.  It’s uncanny how well things fit here.

But, of course, we can say that about at least two other, completely different locations as well.  Uggh!  

And, the Joe Brown Put-In seems to fit even better than the Lamar Ranger Station!

Verdict:  Plausible.

The Verdict:

Forrest Fenn's treasure map is loading...


Some time in the middle of 2010, wealthy author/collector/archaeologist Forrest Fenn hid a medieval chest filled with gold coins and other valuable artefacts somewhere in the Rocky Mountains for anyone to go and retrieve.  He wrote a book called ‘The Thrill of the Chase’, in which he hid clues to help people find the treasure.

Inside the book is a poem which secretly encodes the whereabouts of this treasure chest.  If you can solve the puzzle, you can go and collect hundreds of thousands of dollars (if not well over a million) right now!

But, hold your horses!  It’s not that easy.  Thousands upon thousands of people have tried - with absolutely no luck whatsoever!

Fortunately for you, we’re here to help guide you right to Fenn’s gold!

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The Forrest Fenn Treasure

The Forrest Fenn Treasure

Gold coins - like the ones in Forrest Fenn's hidden treasure chest!  You'll need the precious metals to pay for all your hiking gear and camping gear, not to mention flights to Yellowstone, Montana, New Mexico, Colorado, or wherever you think the treasure is hidden!


The Nine Clues

Where Warm Waters Halt

No Place for the Meek

Find The Blaze

Heavy Loads and Water High

Tarry Scant with Marvel Gaze

Hear Me All and Listen Good

Brave and in the Wood

Treasures Bold

The End is Ever Drawing Nigh

Done it Tired and Weak

No Paddle Up Your Creek

Where to Begin?

Begin ===> Cease

Worth the Cold

Title to the Gold

As I have Gone Alone in There

Keep My Secret - Where?

Riches New and Old

The Canyon Down

Not Far, But Too Far to Walk

The Home of Brown

The Put-in Below the Home of Brown

Fenn Treasure Clues & Hints are right below.

Map of the Lamar Ranger Station in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

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