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Hints & Clues to Help You Find Forrest Fenn’s Treasure!

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Forrest Fenn’s Site, the Old Santa Fe Trading Company, is where you’ll find his blog and all sorts of other handy information.

Forrest Fenn’s ‘Thrill of the Chase’ Resource Page contains additional clues to help you find the treasure.

Buy the book with the poem and hidden clues, The Thrill of the Chase, from Forrest’s Distributor.

Buy ‘The Thrill of the Chase’ on Amazon.com

Interviews with Forrest Fenn conducted by Dal Neitzel.

The Thrill of the Chase - fan site

Other Sites you’ll want to become familiar with:

ChaseChat is a popular online forum where searchers go to trade stories and info.

Dal Neitzel curates a blog about the Fenn Search.  Filled with useful comments.  Well...  Filled with comments, a few of which will be helpful.  A humongous amount of which will make you want to pull your hair out.

Don’t go getting yourself lost or killed while searching for Fenn’s Treasure!

Mysterious Writings - Forrest Fenn Treasure Facts & Figures

FennHotSpot - fan blog and search diary

Cheat Sheet - from Dal Neitzel

Some time in the middle of 2010, wealthy author/collector/archaologist Forrest Fenn hid a medieval chest filled with gold coins and other valuable artefacts somewhere in the Rocky Mountains for anyone to go and retrieve.  He wrote a book called ‘The Thrill of the Chase’, in which he hid clues to help people find the treasure.

Inside the book is a poem which secretly encodes the whereabouts of this treasure chest.  If you can solve the puzzle, you can go and collect hundreds of thousands of dollars (if not well over a million) right now!

But, hold your horses!  It’s not that easy.  Thousands upon thousands of people have tried - with absolutely no luck whatsoever!

Fortunately for you, we’re here to help.  We’ll guide you right to Fenn’s gold!

Finding the Fenn Treasure is going to take a lot of research, not to mention hours and hours of thought and study.  

Other than maps, you’ll want to study as much Rocky Mountain, Yellowstone National Park, Gallatin National Forest, Montana, Idaho, Colorado, New Mexico, Grand Teton, history as you possibly can.  

Forrest loves old history books and tales of the settlers and trappers who spread out throughout this land a hundred and fifty years ago or more.  

He also is an expert in Native American culture and archaeology.  So, studying up on Indian culture and history (from every band in the area) would be wise.

Suggested Reading:

The Thrill of the Chase

Too Far to Walk

The Catcher in the Rye

For Whom the Bell Tolls

The Great Gatsby


David Copperfield

The Sun Also Rises



Other Research:

‘...it seems prudent to do a little investigating about higher things.’  

[From the chapter:  Important Literature]

‘The one who was closest was about 200 feet to the chest. I don't have any reason to believe they were closer than that.’

[Quote from Forrest Fenn]

What does Forrest have to say?

One important source of valuable hints & clues that many people miss - is Forrest Fenn himself.  The man who hid the treasure and wrote the poem.

Forrest has been known to give out numerous clues, as to the location of the treasure, and hints about solving the puzzle.  But, keep a close eye on the words he uses.  They often seem to be chosen specifically to manipulate the listener!

Scour the blogs for interviews and quotes from Forrest himself.  They will often give you great insight into the man, his history, and the riddle you’ll need to solve before you can even hope to find the pot of gold.

Detailed info and photos - Geyser and Volcanic Springs - please see volcanic-springs.com

Also Worth Trying:

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The Forrest Fenn Treasure