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Are famous artists and/or paintings important?

Forrest Fenn was a successful art-dealer, and owned a successful art and artefact gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico - and many different paintings/artworks are mentioned in the book.  

So, does art play a significant role in finding Fenn’s gold?

Your guess is as good as ours!

Clues could very well lead to famous paintings of the Rocky Mountains - which could lead you to the location they were painted.  Or, to the painter’s studio or home or favourite spot.

Forrest created ‘bells’ - cast metal sculptures - in which he hid biographies and other such stuff.  These containers are obviously very personal to him.  

So, art does seem to play a prominent role in his life.

Not to mention the fact that art (and artefact selling/trading) is how he managed to afford to create this treasure hunt!  It’s what paid the bills for many years and allowed him to amass such a fortune in gold and jewels.

Mentioned in the Book:

‘In the wood’ could refer to something in a painting by a famous wood-related artist:

Other Ideas...:

UNLIKELY.  But, don’t rule anything out.  Until the treasure is found, we won’t know what any of the clues mean, so it’s best not to rule anything out.  

No matter how ridiculous.

The Verdict: