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Why do the post-marks ALL have the wrong day?

List of the (legible) post-marks in ‘The Thrill of the Chase’ with the correct day-of-the-week:

The day-of-the-week as shown in the book:

Thirteen (legible) postmarks shown in the book - and all thirteen have the wrong day-of-the-week listed???

The odds of this happening at random aren’t very good.  But, not so long as to be a dead give-away.  So, was this an accident - or is it a clue?

And, if it is a clue - just what could it possibly be telling us?  A 13-digit number (where all the digits are between 1 and 6)?  A long series of numbers?  GPS or map coordinates?

Extremely unlikely.

Possible Interpretations:

My, how very odd…

But, is it a clue???

The dates on the post-marks could be important to the treasure-hunt.  As could the days of the week (in some other way).

The positioning of the post-marks could be important.

What are the postmarks covering?

The pictures are arranged in a frame on pages 122 and 123 - and this frame appears to be the footprint of a building of some sort, perhaps a school.

This is more likely to be a clue than the post-marks.

Other Ideas...:

The post-marks don’t appear to be a clue.  Forrest has hinted that ciphers and other such nonsense are not part of his puzzle, and that a friend of his did the book’s layout and design.

So, it seems unlikely that the postmarks were intentionally created in error.  More like the designer just made them quickly and they just happened to all be the wrong day of the week.  But, of course, who knows?…  Anything’s possible with this puzzle.

The Verdict: