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Oh Goddamnit, I’m going to have to carry something, aren’t I?


The treasure chest, combined with its contents of gold coins and nuggets, weighs-in at over 42 pounds!  So, it’s easy to suggest that ‘heavy loads’ is referring to you carrying the chest out of its hiding spot (or, alternately, Forrest Fenn carrying the chest in to place it at the hiding spot).

Of course, there are lots of other interpretations that fit equally well. ‘Heavy loads’ could easily be referring to electricity of some sort.  

In our article about the Put-in that happens to be below Joe Brown Creek, we investigate two prominent electrical features, one on either side of the put-in:  Electric, Montana, a ghost town - and a prominent electrical sub-station.


Heavy Loads:

Queen's Laundry right by Ojo Caliente and the Firehole.  

ELECTRIC is just upriver from Joe Brown - right at the terminus of an old Cinnabar Railway line.  Electric was OWNED by H.F. Brown - and shipped 50 tons of coal a day (tarry and heavy).

Yellowstone's only hydroelectric generator from 1903 to the 50's was on Glen Creek in Golden Gate Canyon, just down from Mammoth Hot Springs.  Bunsen Peak nearby (blaze?).  FF's father born 1903.

Buffalo Bill Museum of the West is the first building downriver from the Bill Cody Dam (heavy loads and water high), a record-setting 325 feet high when built in 1910.  That's the fundraiser FF was supposedly at when he hid the treasure…  Although, he has stated that ‘where warm waters halt’ is not a dam.

Heavy Loads and Water High = High Lake Dam, Hydroelectric dam, Waterfall

Heavy Loads - high-voltage lines, trucking road, mine,  electrical sub-station, train tracks, train station, quarry, load-bearing wall, retaining wall

Water High - Highwater, high-water mark,

Possible Interpretations:

Fairies mentioned in TOTC - Fairy Falls near his secret swimming hole on the Firehole river.  Fairy Creek.  Right beside Lone Spring.  Fairy Meadows.

High Waters

High water = unusually short

Heavy Lodes:

‘Just’ might not mean what you think it means.  It could mean ‘righteous’ or ‘justice’ - so look for a courthouse or police station!

Other Ideas...:


‘Heavy loads and water high’ is almost certainly a very important clue.  If your potential-solution for the Fenn Treasure doesn’t include a very good ‘heavy load’ or ‘water high’, it’s almost certainly wrong.

Electric, Montana seems to fit just way too perfectly.  With the gravel pit, Devil’s Slide, Sphinx, Joe Brown Put-In, etc...  Everything fits just way too well.  But, like always, we won’t know for sure until someone figures out the puzzle and finds the treasure chest.

The Verdict: