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New money is just so trashy, old money so stuck-up.

Hint:  a slight or indirect indication or suggestion; a very small trace of something.

Origin of the word hint:  Hunt

Riches:  material wealth, valuable natural resources, money, jewels, jewellery, stock, bonds, assets, Richards, Ricks, Nouveau Riche, Reichs

The first stanza has very odd punctuation, so it’s worth taking a moment to parse the entire sentence:

As I have [A] and [B], I can [C], and [D].

Where A is ‘gone alone in there’, B is ‘with my treasures bold’, etc…

So, A and B seem to be combined, whereas C and D are separated by punctuation.  Does this mean that A and B are at the same location, while C is at a different location and D is somewhere else entirely?

Does this mean that there are 4 clues in the First Stanza?

Do all 4 supposed clues refer to one single location, or are they 3 or 4 separate locations?

And, why did he have to go in alone, with his treasures bold, before he could keep his secret and hint of riches?  Hmmm...

Possible Interpretations:

Old - Old Faithful

Treasures/Riches New/Old - an old treasure like Old Faithful, alongside a new treasure.

Treasures & Riches - any mountain/creek/river/etc... with a name that involves gemstones (Sapphire Creek, Gem Pool, Jewel Geyser, Sapphire Pool, Pearl Geyser, Opal Terrace, Emerald Spring, etc...)

Hint can mean to tilt towards, so we maybe be at a slight fork in a trail (or stream), and we hint towards the way that has Riches New & Old.

Riches new and old’ could mean Dollar Peak, near Kirwin, Wyoming.

The poem seems to describe going into a cave or overhang or a gully of some sort.

So if the treasure is hidden in a place that was once inhabited, many centuries ago, by Native Americans, the old riches could be the archeological treasures in the cave, and the new riches could be the chest and all the gold coins and nuggets.

Or not…

Rich could also be a person, like Rich Little (new Rich) and Little Mountain (old rich).

New could be something new in geologic-time, like a lava spout or hot-spring.  

While old might be a mountain, or something old in geologic-time.

Not sure.  This clue is very vague, and it probably won’t be until the poem is solved and the treasure is found that we have any idea of what exactly this means and it all starts to make sense.

It will probably come in handy though to confirm (or disprove) any potential solves you have.  

The Verdict:

Yellowstone Club Resort (neuveau-rich) is right by Blaze Mtn. and Lone Mtn., right at the entrance to a canyon (which heads towards Boiling River hot springs - and the road to the Joe Brown Put-In).

Hint - turn, tiny bit, opportunity, clue

Riches new - the treasure chest.  

Riches old - the place where the treasure chest lies buried is a treasure.

Secret might be important to Hint or Riches or New & Old.

The trail passes new and old riches.

Other Ideas...:

Some time in the middle of 2010, wealthy author/collector/archaologist Forrest Fenn hid a medieval chest filled with gold coins and other valuable artefacts somewhere in the Rocky Mountains for anyone to go and retrieve.  He wrote a book called ‘The Thrill of the Chase’, in which he hid clues to help people find the treasure.

Inside the book is a poem which secretly encodes the whereabouts of this treasure chest.  If you can solve the puzzle, you can go and collect hundreds of thousands of dollars (if not well over a million) right now!

But, hold your horses!  It’s not that easy.  Thousands upon thousands of people have tried - with absolutely no luck whatsoever!

Fortunately for you, we’re here to help.  We’ll guide you right to Fenn’s gold!