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Have you been brave, and are you in the wood?...

It’s interesting how we need to be ‘brave and in the wood’, and not ‘brave and in the woods’.  

At first reading, it seems to imply a forest.  But, in that case, you would use ‘in the woods’ instead.  So, are we physically inside wood?  Like in a fallen log?  Or in a knot-hole?  Beaver dam?  Etc…

Infuriatingly, there seems to be a Wood River right beside almost every potential Fenn Treasure solve.  So, many take ‘in the wood’ to mean that you need to be physically standing in the Wood River.

Don’t forget the preceding line:  ‘Your effort will be worth the cold’

So, why do we need to be cold, brave AND in the wood before we get the gold?  

Well, technically, TITLE to the gold.

If ‘brave’ refers to a famous Native American warrior or a tribe, that would be rather depressing, as virtually every spot in our search-area (Montana, Wyoming, Colorado and New Mexico only) has some sort of relation to an Indian brave at some point in their history.

Do we need to be in a forest named after an Indian Brave?  Do we need to be brave to wade into the waters of the Wood?

The Lake of the Woods Solve for the Fenn Treasure:

Lake of the Woods, the one in Northern Yellowstone, not further south, is just south of Mammoth Hot Springs, near Indian Creek.  Snow Pass.  Surrounded by Amphitheater Springs (listen/hear and treasures old), near Roaring Mtn.  Powerline runs down the road nearby (heavy loads).  White Rock Springs and white rocks abound (blaze).  Meek discovered Norris Basin.  Chocolate Pots (home of Brown?).  Stocked with fish in 1937 (treasures new?).  Surrounded by pine trees (smell of pine nuts and sage).  Wolf Lake nearby (brave) and connects to Ice Lake (cold).  Grebe Lake is right nearby and Forrest Fenn used to fish there multiple times a year.

The treasure potentially lies in the cold, azure depths of Lake of the Woods, Wyoming, near the northern end of Yellowstone National Park.  

Lake of the Woods isn’t very well visited, as there aren’t any fish in the lake (but there were new stocks of trout there when Forrest was a kid, and he regularly fished in other nearby lakes).



Possible Interpretations:

In the Wood:

Brave AND in the wood:

Other Ideas...:

We believe that ‘in the wood’ describes the last clue in finding the treasure.  Whether this means that the treasure chest is physically inside wood of some sort, immersed in a Wood River, or in the forest amongst the trees - is anyone’s guess!  Either way, you’re going to have to solve ‘brave and in the wood’ before you even have a hope of finding the gold.  You might get close without it.  But, if you want the gold.


The Verdict: