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There are many things to consider before you even begin to try and solve Forrest Fenn’s highly-crafted word-puzzle.  Over the years, he has given out many hints and clues, some of which allow you to dramatically reduce your search-area.  

So, don’t waste time on possibilities you can cross-out from the start!  Be smart about it.  Start with our ‘WHERE TO BEGIN’ page and start searching smarter!

Where Should You Begin?...

Chest & Contents

$650,000 US

Estimated Value (today):





The Nine Clues

Where Warm Waters Halt

No Place for the Meek

Find The Blaze

Heavy Loads and Water High

Tarry Scant with Marvel Gaze

Hear Me All and Listen Good

Brave and in the Wood

Treasures Bold

The End is Ever Drawing Nigh

Done it Tired and Weak

No Paddle Up Your Creek

Where to Begin?

Filled to the brim with over 20 pounds of gold coins, gold nuggets, artefacts and jewellery, rare treasures and more! Even the box is gorgeous!

And, its just sitting out there waiting for you!

A Centuries-Old Bronze Lock-Box

The Treasure Chest

Follow them in order, and they will unlock the location of the treasure chest and the gold.

Then, all you have to do, is hop in your car and go and get it!

Nine Clues are Hidden in the Poem

The 9 Clues in the Poem




Googles unequalled satellite mapping service. Top-quality, zoomable, high-resolution maps available online - for free!

What more could one ask?

The only other website youll need - but this one!

Begin It Where Warm Waters Halt