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So, what’s a Secret Where?  And, why in a castle?

At first glance, ‘I can keep my secret where’ doesn’t give us much to go on.  It appears to simply be about Forrest Fenn hiding his treasure chest, his secret.  But as you parse the sentence, all sorts of hints and clues seem to pop right up.

For instance, what if where isn’t where the secret is being kept, what if it’s ‘my secret ware’?  

And, why does the secret need to be kept?  

There are lots of features in Yellowstone, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, and New Mexico with Castle in their names.  

Is the secret in the castle?

‘Secret’ also seems to be important.

Secret:  not known or seen or not meant to be known or seen by others, something that is not properly understood;

a mystery, a valid but not commonly known or recognized method of achieving or maintaining something, and formerly, the name of a prayer said by the priest in a low voice after the offertory in a Roman Catholic Mass.

‘My Secret Where’ might refer to Forrest’s secret location (presumably, where the treasure is hidden), with ‘where’ meaning a location.  As in, ‘I can keep my secret location’


Secret Valley - right north of the Madison 10miles from where Forrest Fenn grew up.

SECRET keeps coming up.  Secret his treasure.  Secret his Cache (cache creek?).

Could be Forrest Fenn’s secret fishing hole, which was on the Madison River.  Not far from the Madison Campground, near the confluence of the Firehole River.

Forrest also had a secret bathing hole in his childhood at Ojo Caliente.  Not the more famous Ojo Caliente, much further south, but the last hot spring on the Firehole heading north.  Forrest’s blog mentions how he liked to bathe right where the hot spring waters mixed with the cool river water, and this was a very small spot.  

So, Ojo Caliente makes a very good solution for Where Warm Waters halt.  The poem appears to describe a plausible journey from this few square foot area, right to the treasure - if you swim.

Possible Interpretations:

Anything that is secret or which is supposed to be kept secret:


Castle Geyser on the Firehole:

Castle Ruin Falls in the Grand Canyon of the Y.

Castle Geyser near Old Faithful

Other Ideas...:

One of the least useful clues.  Very little to go on here.

I think, once the puzzle is solved and the treasure is found, there’ll be a Solitary Peak, or a Lone Geyser nearby, something with a ‘jewel’ type name, something to do with bold and something to do with a secret.

But, that could describe almost any place.  So, it’s of very little use to us right now.  Look elsewhere if you want to get somewhere.

Hindsight is 20:20

The Verdict: