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Is Kirwin, Wyoming Where the Treasure is Hidden?

Kirwin, Wyoming is definitely one of the more elegant Fenn Treasure solves.  But, is it the correct one?  Hmmm…

Possibly.  But, we’re still leaning towards the Joe Brown put-in, which is nowhere nearby.  

And, the Lamar Ranger Station makes a pretty good Home of Brown too.

The Verdict:

It’s infuriating how well so many different locations fit within the poem!  And, at best, only one of them is right.  Yet, they still seem to fit the poem to a T.  Which implies that perhaps the poem is way too vague and hard to solve…

So, let’s take a look at another extremely elegant solution to Fenn’s Treasure:  Kirwin, Wyoming.

Within yards of each other at Kirwin, you find all sorts of places with names that are meaningful to the poem:  Kirwin lies on the Wood River (in the wood).  It’s at the base of Brown Mountain and Brown Basin (home of Brown).  Bald Mountain is on the other side of the river (bold in Old English is bald).

The local features form a double-omega (colophon).  Dollar Mountain and Francs Mountain are nearby ($ or trove or treasure or riches).  Spar Mountain is nearby (word-origin of spar is a long piece of wood, like a paddle or spear - no paddle).

Kirwin is a ghost town (no place for the meek and the end is ever drawing nigh).  It used to be a mining town (heavy loads).  But, that describes virtually every ghost town in the rockies.

Then there’s Yellow Ridge, Chief Mountain (brave?), Amelia Earhart’s cabin is the first cabin you see on the trail.  Brown Mountain Campground is just downstream from Kirwin.

Map of Kirwin, Wyoming and the surrounding areas

Almost everything around Kirwin seems to fit the poem somewhere.  

The Amelia Earhart connection seems too good to be true.  Her cabin was never constructed.  They only managed to build it 4 logs high by the time she disappeared.  And, as such, she never got the chance to live there.  The area wasn’t her ancestral home or anything, it was just a nice place she’d visited and wanted to buy a cabin in.  Could the cabin be the home of Brown?

There’s a ranger post right beside it which appears to be brown.

Other Ideas...:

Possible Interpretations: