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So, exactly why is this place not for the meek?...

Meek - mild, submissive, humble, modest, quiet & gentle, not wanting to argue, enduring injury without complaint, not strong, not aggressive, lowly

The Meek - Joseph Meek, Stephen Meek

Almost 200 years ago, Joseph Meek’s group was attacked by indians and he was separated from his group and wandered off into present-day Yellowstone, discovering Mammoth Hot Springs.  This is rather interesting from a Fenn Treasure Hunt perspective, because this all happened right at the Devil’s Slide at the base of Cinnabar Mountain.  Which is right alongside the Yellowstone River, down a canyon, after the last hot springs.

Oh yeah, and the Joe Brown Put-in is just downstream, on the other side of the water.

But, there’s more...  

Right on top of Cinnabar Mountain is the ghost-town (no place for the meek & the end is ever drawing nigh) of Aldridge and its cemetery.

Just upstream is the ghost town of Electric.  Electric, Montana used to provide the electricity to all the local mines (heavy loads).  

There’s an old gravel pit (more heavy loads), and the end of the old railroad is just up ahead (the end is ever drawing nigh).

If you’re leaning towards the Joe Brown Put-in as a possible Fenn Treasure solution, the other direction (down river) is equally as intriguing…

Leaving the put-in, the very first thing you come across is Shpinx, Montana and Sphinx Mountain.  The sphinx is a very good fit for ‘no place for the meek’.  It’s an immortal guardian who kills anyone who answers the riddle incorrectly.

The end is ever drawing nigh’ and ‘there’ll be no paddle up your creek’ seem to suggest the end of a creek, on your left.  So, what’s the very next thing we see as we leave Sphinx?  Right, the end of Tom Miner Creek (‘your’ creek?).  Something that’s ending, but never does.  But, there’s no paddle up it.  Next, we are looking for.

Just heavy loads and water high’.  Interestingly, the very next thing we come across, is an electrical way-station on our right (heavy loads) as we pass underneath Tom Miner Creek Road Bridge (the water, or creek, is high above us).

Presumably, you have to spot the blaze, and look down immediately in order to see the treasure chest just sitting there in the water underneath you.

You have to act fast (tarry scant) instead of gawking at it (with marvel gaze) because you’ll float right by, as you’re drifting down-river, if you don’t grab it quickly.

Fits the puzzle beautifully...

Possible Interpretations:

Other Ideas...:

The Devil’s Slide, Cinnabar Mountain and Aldridge, Montana seem to fit the poem’s clues beautifully.  Almost too beautifully.


Probably the best potential Fenn solve we’ve come up with to-date.  Ignore at your peril.

There are just too many coincidences:  Joe Brown Creek, Trail & Put-In.  The Meek connection.  Devil’s Slide.  Electric.  The Old Yellowstone Trail and Railroad.  Gardiner, Montana.  Etc...

The Verdict: