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Now, what the hell does tarry scant mean???

And, why don’t I look at it?

Now comes the most quizzical line in the entire poem:

‘But tarry scant with marvel gaze,’

Forrest says that he loves making up words and gives the example of a butterfly being called instead a ‘flutterby’.  Tarry scant, at first glance, seems like it could be just such a composition.  But, what?  Scarry Tant?  Tante is aunt in French.  So, ‘scary aunt’?

Marvel gaze works a bit better:  garvel maze.  Or, with a little re-arranging, ‘gravel maze’.  An actual meaningful term.  But, of course, questionable to the max.

If we parse the sentence, and look at what exactly the words mean, it comes out as:  

‘Don’t dawdle and stare with such a dumb look on your face’.

For some reason, we shouldn’t stand there all proud of ourselves for finding the treasure, we should hurry up and go get it.  But, why?  Why would waiting around and taking our time be a bad thing.

In our elegant Joe Brown Put-in Fenn treasure solve, there’s actually a very good reason why this line exists!  The last half of our journey is by boat, and when you see a blaze, you have to look quickly down into the water - or you’ll float right past...



Tarry Scant:


Gaze - long look, stare

Marvel Gaze - wonderous look, amazed at the sights See the X.  Look for something.

Act fast.

Tarry Scant with Marvel Gaze - stop a second and take a good look, don't just stand there gawking, take in the surroundings for a second.

Possible Interpretations:

Marvel Comics Gay Characters (Aundray Phelps, Adler, Swift, Riggs, Sharpe, Kaplan, Saxon, Watson, Webb, Wolfe)


Indian Chiefs:

Gaze could reverence a lookout along a trail.  So, keep an eye out for things like Wondrous Lookout, etc...

Other Ideas...:


This line is so odd that it just has to be important.  It just has to.  Figuring out what exactly is meant by ‘tarry scant with marvel gaze’ is tantamount to solving the puzzle and finding the treasure.  Discount at your peril!  There are very few tar pits in the Rocky Mountains.  But, it would be very elegant if the treasure was near one of them.  But, marvel gaze?…


The Verdict: