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Only Forrest Fenn knows where the gold lies...

The statements Forrest has made seem to imply that the treasure chest isn’t on national park land, nor private land, but on something like Bureau of Land Management land (or in a conservation area or national forest or something like that).

This makes Montana a good candidate to contain the gold, as most of the areas that fit the clues are on land such as this.

For instance, you’ll definitely want to read our write up on the Joe Brown Boat Put-In as a possible solution for Fenn’s treasure.  The Joe Brown Put-in is right below Joe Brown Creek, which is right after a canyon down, which itself is right after the last hot spring when leaving Yellowstone.

Forrest Fenn grew up a short drive away in West Yellowstone, and fished constantly in nearby creeks and lakes.  So, Montana seems like a perfect location to hide the treasure chest and the gold.  People will immediately think Yellowstone,

so this is a way to hide the treasure in Yellowstone, without it being in Yellowstone (or even in the same state, if you consider Yellowstone to be in Wyoming, and not just mostly Wyoming).

Oh yeah, and then you have this

The Devil’s Slide is in Montana, just outside of Yellowstone Park (a good place meek wouldn’t go), and it just so happens to be where Joe Meek was run off.

Gardiner - In ‘The Thrill of the Chase,’ the paragraph after the poem contains one place-name:  Gardiner’s Island.  

Gardiner’s Island is where Captain Kidd’s secret treasure is purported to be buried.  So, most people skip by this major hint.

Gardiner, Montana is right at the northern entrance into Yellowstone National Park.  

The nearby Gardner River is also named after the same person (but without the i).  

So, if West Yellowstone is the most prominent city on the western border of Yellowstone National Park (and it’s mentioned throughout the book), and Cody is the most prominent city on the eastern border (and it’s mentioned throughout the book, even being the name of a bull which is mention innumerable times), isn’t it interesting that the name of the most prominent city on the northern entrance is mentioned in the sentences which follow immediately after the poem?


Too bad there isn’t really a prominent city on the south side to check, just the Grand Tetons National Park.

Heavy loads could mean Electric, Montana.  A ghost town along the old Yellowstone trail and the defunct railway line (heavy loads).

Whereabouts in Montana?

Black Canyon of the Yellowstone (where Joe Brown struck gold).

Cinnabar Mountain (where Joe Meek was put upon by Native Indians and home to the Devil’s Slide).

Electric, Montana (Heavy Loads, a ghost town is not for the meek)

The Joe Brown Put-in.

The Old Yellowstone Trail & Railroad (which ceased running near Electric and the Devil’s Slide, a short walk from the Joe Brown Put-in, after a canyon down and warm water)

Other Ideas...:

Montana is a very good candidate to host Fenn’s gold.  If we had to lay odds, based on what we know today, we’d say there’s probably around a 50:50 chance that the treasure’s in Montana, pretty close to the northern border of Yellowstone Park.  Maybe a 1-in-3 chance it’s in Yellowstone.  And, the remaining sixth split between New Mexico and Colorado.

But, of course, that could change in an instant with any new information, potential solves, hints or clues!  

The Verdict: