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After the echo, your effort will be worth the cold...

‘So hear me all and listen good, your effort will be worth the cold.’

This is a very interesting line (well, two lines forming one sentence actually).  

At first glance, it doesn’t appear to tell us a whole lot, but once you look deeper, a whole host of clues start to pop out.

The fact that ‘hear me’ and ‘listen’ are re-enforcing is a dead-giveaway.  They have to be important.  But, what exactly are we listening for?

‘Hear me’ implies that Forrest is telling us that our effort will be worth the cold, actually speaking it.  But, that doesn’t help much.

‘Hear me’ is also a famous speech from Chief Joseph (there is a Mount Ouray that’s close to a lot of places that seem to fit into the poem).

Worth - estimable, having value, become, merit, wealth, riches

Worth might be part of a place-name (Fort Worth, Worthy, etc...).

Worth the Cold might imply that we are getting wet.  

Perhaps we are going swimming, crossing or wading through a creek.  The latter seems rather likely given the last stanza and the fact that high-waters are waders.

I think we’re getting wet and cold.  We probably have to wade through a stream to the treasure chest.  Perhaps under a culvert or fallen tree (in the wood).

The Verdict:

Cold as in flu.

Effort might be important.  Perhaps we need to go somewhere where we’ll need to exert ourselves.  Like climb a small slope.  Or hike behind a waterfall.  Etc…

Coldworth or Colworth

Other Ideas...:

We are looking for a location with a ‘cold’ name.  Frigid Creek, Ice Box Canyon, any glacier, etc…

We have to wade into a creek or stream.

We have to dive to get the chest.

The treasure is under a waterfall.

We are in alpine territory.  Permanent snow-cover.

Effort - work done by the mind or body, energy used to do something, a serious attempt to do something, something produced by work, effective force, etc…

Might be a place-name related to effort:  power, grind, power, endeavour, pass, exertion, etc…

Should be near some place with an Indian-name (Brave) and possibly forest (in the wood).

Possible Interpretations: