Just another piece in the puzzle to help you solve Forrest Fenn's riddle and find the pot of gold! Hiking, camping, campgrounds, leisure, games, puzzles, travel, puzzle solving, treasure hunting, and more may be involved in your hunt for the gold described in Fenn's Treasure Poem. Fenn Treasure Tips & Clues

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Hints & Clues to Help You Find Forrest Fenn’s Treasure!

Maps, maps, and more maps!  That’s what your life is going to be like now that you are on the hunt for the Fenn Treasure.  We suggest that you get your hands on as many maps as possible - and study them religiously.  You will want a high-quality, high-resolution map of Yellowstone National Park, at the very minimum.  And, probably maps of Montana, Wyoming, Colorado and New Mexico as well.  Plus, of course, a very good online map you can use on your computer or mobile.  Below are some highly-recommended resources for all your mapping needs. Google Maps or Google Earth is probably your best bet.

Probably the single, most important, asset in solving the Fenn Poem

High-Quality Maps

Suggested Maps for a Fenn Search:

Highly-accurate 3D terrain maps of the US from the US government themselves.

Go right to the horses mouth.

The US Geologic Survey - Maps

The best free map service on the internet!

Satellite imagery, trail maps, street-maps and much, much more.

Google Maps

Professional mapping and cartography solutions from Google, now Alphabet.

Google Earth (Pro)

Maps and trail guides from the people who run the countrys national parks, the National Park Service.

More than just Yellowstone here.

Yellowstone from the National Park Service

Open-source mapping solution.

Free and available worldwide.


Expensive aerial imagery of the US. Better resolution than satellite, but at a much higher price-point.

For the rich Fenn Searchers only.


Check out all these great sources for all your map needs!


Even better than Google Maps.

A hundred years ago, countries would have gone to war to get access to maps like these!

Google Earth (Free)


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